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  Mission/Vision Statement

The Oscar Kilo Dx Group is dedicated to forming the nucleus for an outstanding and progressive organization that is positioning itself to be a leader during the next 11 meter propagation cycle. It will always keep it's members foremost, promoting innovation, technology, professionalism, pride, dedication, courtesy and above all else respect for all all nations, religions, races, and believes.  Oscar Kilo Dx International is a not a member of a state, region, or province but rather all members share the same rights, there are no divide

   Humanitarian Doctrine

Oscar Kilo Dx Group is an impartial, neutral and independent 11 meter non-profit radio organization that, along with the group's vision and mission, occasionally provides humanitarian assistance to people and countries in need in order to protect and sustain the lives and dignity of victims plagued by natural disasters and events. Thru its' membership, OK DX can provide various relief activities in an attempt to minimize human suffering while following universally accepted humanitarian law, goodwill principles, and general relief effort doctrine

   Basic Rules

Following the mission statement, members assigned Oscar Kilo call signs will be done so for life unless by decision of the "Magic Team", a violation of the statement has occurred or is suspected to have occurred.  If such action is deemed appropriate by the "Magic Team",  a member may be suspended, or removed of good standing for such actions.  No individual member shall profit from the use of the Group, the Group's name, or any of the Group's copyrighted material without first the written permission of the "Magic Team" and/or the "President and Founders" of the organization.  Oscar Kilo Dx encourages the use of a single call, your assigned OK DX call and your operator name, this will insure the continued growth and familiarity of the organizatio

   QSL's and Qsl Managers

Oscar Kilo Dx International does support for it's members, upon the approval of the "Magic Team" use of an approved OK DX Qsl manager.  This manager is someone who recieves the log of a member's station, and sends qsl cards on its' behalf.  If the qsl manager does not receive any logs or cards, or for any other reason cannot return a qsl card in a normal manner, they will, send a note, email or a card to the member requesting the service with an note of explanation.  In some cases, the use of electronic qsl cards can be used if this arrangement is agreed to prior to service being requested. Such services are now common using today's Internet technology.  Oscar Kilo Dx Group offers to it's members a variety of qsl cards, both electronic and printed.  For more information you may contact the United Kingdom Headquarters directly by mail or email.

   OK DX Mail Manager

OK Dx can provide, at the request of a member, a mail manager, however this service is somewhat limited.  A mail manager is someone who forwards to a station who has a difficulty receiving mail in a normal manner.  The mail manager may ask for a small contribution from the requesting member to cover the costs for this service as a Post Office Box is maintained by the Oscar Kilo Dx Group for this and other activities.   Any such costs shall first be approved by the "Magic Team" before being passed on or in any way collected from any one member.  These costs can differ depending on the geographical location of the member requesting such a service as the cost of forwarding material obtained on behalf of the requesting member will differ based on their physical location and distance from the mail manager's physical location which is presently in Scunthorpe, UK.


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