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Hello Future Member:

Welcome to the Oscar Kilo Dx Group. Its always a pleasure to add or consider adding another new member to our family. Before we get started, here is some basic information about this  organization as it stands today.

The Oscar kilo group was founded early in 2004 by myself,  Andy (26 OK 001) and Dean (2 OK 001).  I am from Scunthorpe, England while Dean resides in Northern California.  Each of us has many years of radio experience behind us, some in the 27 MHz band while some of it is in the amateur class.  Together we have formed the nucleus for an outstanding and progressive organization that is positioning itself to be a leader during the peak of the next 11 meter cycle.

Making things interesting for our members, creating innovative contests, assisting them in their daily routine of seeking those contacts with various countries, provinces, and states, designing an outstanding line of club tools, like Qsl cards, log books, calenders, T-shirts, DXcc lists, mailing lists, and various other items are all a beginning to our plans.  To be a premier leader in the 27 Mhz band and to have a stellar group of members that consistently improve the quality of the organization and those they come in contact with is our primary purpose.  Today, we are the next generation of 11 meter Dx'ers, active, respectful, courteous, and professional.

We have our own websites with a dedicated domains, and a Qsl manager for those serious dx'ers, a mail manager, and are own internet web master that keeps things moving for us.  When assigned a Oscar Kilo Call sign, this is a commitment that we are making to you to not only assist you in your endeavors but also it is a promise to the organization and its' many members to respect the prime objective that so many believe in.  We hope that your decision to join our group, is not taken lightly, we expect to have you not only participate but to utilize your call on a regular basis, always insuring that you do that with pride, honesty, and without prejudice.  Politics and religion that carry a negative impact on anyone are not tolerated and are taken serious by the members of the "Magic Team" which consists of a finite group of members who are the policy and decision makers for this organization experienced in all facets of the organizations resources.

This membership is open for all people interested in radio communications. There are two levels of membership, one is free and offers some wonderful benefits while the other instates you as a "Level 2 member" opening all the benefits of a strong and diverse Dx Organization. If you wish to become a paid member send your application together with your package fees to the address below otherwise simple follow this link to request your "Free Membership today."

All attempts will be made to expedite handling of your application in a timely and professional manner.  Applications for members wll be handled on a first come, first serve basis.  Be sure to include information about yourself, name, address, call sign requested, size of  T-Shirt (s, m, l, xl), location if different from mailing address, active email address, any websites you may have,  reason for wanting to join, level of experience in radio and internet (for OK Dx Only), along with your membership fees in US dollars.  Of course you may add any other information you feel that is necessary, we can address questions you might have as well.  It is important to understand that OK Dx considers this information very personal and private and will not publish anything with the exception of an email address without your written consent.  The email address can be removed if you wish, by merely contacting any member of the "Magic Team". Any questions you may have concerning any of the items listed may be directed to our organization's president's and founder's Andy or Dean.

Our special thanks for your interest in our organization.  We realize that you have many different opportunities available to you, however, OK Dx is a pioneer in one facet.  We believe that the strongest asset an organization has is it's members, without them the group has nothing.  We wish to treat each and every individual like we would like to be treated ourselves.  No matter what the issue is, how big the organization gets, it is still that one individual that will insure the success of the overall direction of the entire group.  We want you to feel as if you belong not to a club or an organization, but rather a family.

Take care, we look forward to hearing from you.  May the Dx Gods find your antenna array and your next contact be your

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Worldwide Community

1. United State

2. United Kingdom

3. Sweden

4. France

Oscar Kilo Dx Group firmly believes that the greatest asset an organization can have is it's members.  Without these people listed we would have nothing, to those we proudly salute and say thankyou and to those not yet listed, we welcome you to visit us and see what we have to offer you.  Remember, just don't join a Dx group, be a part of it.

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